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North Rhine-Westphalia is by far Germany’s largest radio market and offers with the supporting program Radio NRW, which contains over 40 local radio stations, the most listened to radio program in Germany [1]. But NRW also has a diverse audio and, above all, podcast scene online. Journalistic podcast offers from radio broadcasters and publishers such as WDR, Deutschlandfunk and Handelsblatt have their roots in NRW. In addition, there are increasingly independent success formats, such as “The Johnsons” “Mixed Hack” or “Couple Diology”. The same applies to audio offerings: In the course of digitization and technological change, the convergence between the media worlds is increasing. Digital distribution channels and Audi-on-Demand via stream or for download expand and enrich formats and content. Overall, podcasts are still on the rise: one in four Germans (26 percent) say they listen to such digital radio shows – and the trend is rising. The strongest pillar in both fields of this audio cosmos is still the radio. Music-dominated radio offers have emerged on the web. As of 03.03.2020, approx. 107 web radios were displayed as radio programs at the State Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM).

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Mediennetzwerk.NRW is financed by the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and receives funding from the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD).

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