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Dieter Marchsreiter
Marchsreiter PR

Shortly before the American trade fair season, including GDC San Francisco and PAX West, Dieter Marchsreiter (Marchsreiter PR) alongside Robert Brown (Stride PR) will pass on his concentrated knowledge of public relations for North American target markets to the webinar participants on July 16th. More info and registration.

Dieter Marchsreiter, a passionate gamer from the very beginning and PR expert since 1997, is the founder of the Munich-based public relations agency of the same name with a focus on games PR in the PC, console and mobile sectors.

Mediennetzwerk.NRW: Hello Dieter, you bring concentrated PR expertise to the table and know from experience that speed and quality of localization play a decisive role in the success of computer and video games on international markets.

Dieter Marchsreiter: In todays PR world you need to think strictly worldwide, even US + Europe is not enough. Russia and China have a lot of market share in several genres, Russia being bigger than France in dark and grisly games, China in anime and Asian style games. PVP is more popular in Turkey, China and Korea. Any of those countries has different media outlets and influencers, in Asia even different video and social networks. Only worldwide (you can skip Africa) is 100% of your potential market share.

„Digital contact building via digital meeting systems like Meet-to-Match or in conference systems or at Game Connection is a must, it does however not replace planned random meetings at real life events.“

Dieter Marchsreiter

Can you tease out one PR-relevant difference between the German and US games markets?

The US market is nowadays more reliant on influencers, more then the German market. English speaking media now overlaps also more with UK (more then ever) as they had more redundancies. Germany still has a much healthier press landscape and for local studios its recommended to also go down the local route.

How much can gamedevs rely on purely digital contact building? What role do personal contacts play in the area of international market presence?

Digital contact building via digital meeting systems like Meettomatch or in conference systems or at Game Connection is a must, it does however not replace planned random meetings at real life events. You will not meet some people in business speed dating that can be essential for your game or career. Digital meetings help to manage your contacts, you should also always care for your contacts in a CRM database, in Linkedin, on Twitter and Skype. Making a deal on video might be the new normal too while personal meetings still will matter forever.

„Concentrate on a great announcement with a cool trailer!“

What can I do as an indie developer if I missed the free Medien.NRW webinar with you and only have a small PR budget for my release?

Concentrate on a great announcement with a cool trailer (you only have one announcement) and a condensed 3-6 launch campaign, don’t try to be all over the place in 12 or more months.

Register for the webinar.

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